PPG Lining

Product Description


  • MBT PPGL SHEET is a Polypropylene – one side Glass cloth Lined 2 mm thick.
  • MBT PPGL SHEET, is thermoplastic- polypropylene based material backed with glass Fibber cloth.
  • MBT PPGL SHEET may be used to Acid alkali resistance lining work for Chemical process industries, Steel Mills, Tubing Manufacturers, Electrolyzing plants, Oil Refineries, Rayon Plants, Fertilizers, Petro Chemicals plants and many other uses.

MBT PPGL SHEET: Shelf Life unlimited.

Area of Application

  • DM Plants
  • Acid handling area, drains & pits
  • Neutralizing pit / ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant)
  • Chemical storage tank
  • Battery room
  • Process area where the spillage of acid is there