Bitumastic Lining

Product Description

MBT Mastic 200 : Bitumen based mastic compound


MBT Mastic 200 is bitumen based mastic compound of acid resisting grade used as an underlay to acid proof bricks / tiles or stones to act as impervious membrane.

The membrane is the last line of defense protecting the sub floor and its structural supports from corrosive attack.

No brick/tile floor, no matter how well constructed, no matter what material are used, can withstand forever without some seepage occurring as a result of broken brick or cracked joints. Good construction with good materials will hold this seepage to a minimum, but it is inevitable that some seepage will occur. Hence it is the job of the mastic membrane to prevent this seepage from reaching the sub-floors. Hence the membrane must be corrosion resistant, continuous, impervious and elastic enough to absorb stock and thick enough to prevent acids, alkalies and further penetration.

The bitumastic membrane also works as a linking layer for ceramic tiles / bricks and mortar and at the same time increases adhesive property.

It can also applied as open mastic flooring for heavy- duty flooring.

Bitumen Mastic has good resistance to weak, diluted acids, alkalis salts etc. It is not recommended to use against strong acids, oxidizing acid solvents, oil and fats.

MBT Mastic 200 is available in the form of powder and CAKE.

MBT Mastic 200 confirms the properties of IS:9510.