Epoxy Flooring

SIPOXY 200 | SIPOXY 35 | MBT Epoxy TF

Product Description

SIPOXY 200: Epoxy resin based solvent-less clear primer

SIPOXY 35: Epoxy resin based Monolithic Screed Flooring

MBT Epoxy TF: Epoxy resin based High Build SL flooring


Epoxy is one of the most widely known and used floor coating resins. Probably the best known and most widely used kind of industrial resin flooring, epoxy resin is a thermo-set material that offers the performance and durability of resin flooring and is the optimum resin flooring choice for electrical conductive flooring.

This is an epoxy resin based monolithic screeding cement mortar, which sets by chemical action to a hard strong mass. It is not affected by temperatures up to 90 Deg.C.

Epoxy Flooring material has been employed with great advantage for rendering floor, foundations, channels, tanks etc. because of its outstanding chemical properties and physical resistance.


  • Exceptional physical properties in addition to high chemical resistance and negligible shrinkage.
  • Good adherence property to concrete, metal and other surfaces.
  • High scratch and impact resistance
  • Chemical and heat resistance
  • High gloss, appealing finish
  • Easy to clean smooth, seamless finish
  • Attractive, bright colour options
  • Variable thicknesses for versatile application