Furalac HF Coating


Product Description

MBT FURALAC HF : Two-component carbon filled furane mortar coating


MBT FURALAC HF is a carbon filled, specially formulated furan mortar coating for chemical resistant brick and tile construction and flooring work, which offers high thermal resistance.

MBT FURALAC HF is most suitable for phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid conditions, digester, equipment, etc. protective lining work.

MBT FURALAC HF is used where high thermal resistance is required. It poses great resistance to erosion and sets to a hard and tough jointing and bedding material used for setting bricks and tiles in the construction of tanks, floors, drains, foundations etc.

It is an excellent mortar for food processing, food preparation and beverage and pharmaceutical facilities that sanitize with caustic and acid-based solutions.

MBT FURALAC HF is recommended for floors, containment dikes, sumps, trenches and tanks requiring the chemical, physical or thermal resistance of masonry construction.

With its broad range of chemical resistance and 135 C temperature resistance, MBT FURALAC HF mortar is ideal for the chemical processing and metal treatment industries.

MBT FURALAC HF is specially formulated for Concrete Digester/Reactors keeping in mind of high abrasion resistance and expansion contraction.

Chemical Resistance

  • MBT FURALAC HF is resistant to all non-oxidizing acids, dilute oxidizing acids and agents, salts and most organic solvents at temperatures upto 135C.
  • MBT FURALAC HF is not recommended for use with hot alkaline salts or high concentrations of oxidizing acids or agents.