Acid Alkali Resistant Bricks

Product Description


Acid resistant bricks are used for masonry constructions and floorings subject to acid attack, lining of chambers and towers in chemical plants, lining of sewers carrying industrial effluents and to prevent deterioration of the surface by acids except hydrofluoric acid and perchloric acids.

Acid resistant bricks are made of raw materials, such as clay of suitable composition with low lime and iron content, feldspar, flint or sand and vitrified at high temperatures in ceramic kilns.

Acid resistant bricks are normally installed with chemical resistant mortars. They are available in different sizes and shapes bedded and jointed with acid proof cements. The cements used are depending on the chemical condition and temperature up to its specific limitations.

Acid resistant bricks for specialized equipment where arch, corbel, coving dome shaped and tongue – groove bricks are used.

We supply acid alkali resistant bricks in various shapes, sizes and thickness. Our standard thicknesses are 25mm, 40mm and 75mm but other thickness are manufactured as per request.

Acid Alkali Resistant Bricks Specification

Specification Characteristic IS 4860 (Class – I)
Warpage in mm, max 2.5
Compressive strength, kg/cm2 , min 700
Flexural strength kg/cm2 , min 100
% Resistance to acid, max 1.5
Resistance to wear, mm, max 2