Vinyester Mortar

Product Description

MBT VINYL 350 : Vinylester resin based mortar


  • Vinyl Ester resin based Mortar is used in the construction of floors, sumps, trenches, tanks, vessels and bleach towers in chemical processing, food and beverage plants, dairies, laboratories, textile, steel and pulp & paper mills.
  • Vinyl Ester Mortar has excellent resistance to oxidizing bleach solutions, mineral and organic acids, alkaline solutions and some organic solvents.
  • When used with chemical resistant masonry units and the proper membrane MIPRO-VE will protect concrete and steel sub base from chemical attacks and physical abuse.
  • It confirms the properties of IS:4832, Part-II.
  • Vinyl Ester Mortar is silica filled mortar supplied in two parts – powder & liquid – which must be mixed together in the proper proportions prior to use.

Mixing Proportion :

  1. RESIN – 100 PBW
  2. CATALYST – 1.5 PBW
  4. POWDER (FILLER) – 400 PBW

PBW = Parts By Weight

It is used as acid resistant coating when used without filler, for FRP Lining works and E-glass laying application.

• Resistant to strong oxidizing agents, acids, alkalis and bleaches and solvents.
• Low absorption and shrinkage.
• High bond, tensile and compressive strengths.
• Rapidly develops physical properties

User Industries

PAPER & PULP Electroplating shops Stainless Steel Pickling plants Chlorine dioxide plant
Sodium hypochlorite bleach