Sulphur Cement

Product Description

MBT SULPHUR : Silica Filled sulphur cement

MBT SULPHOCARB : Carbon Filled sulphur cement


  • Sulphur Mortar is a hot-pour, plasticized sulphur base compound, mainly used with acid resisting bricks to protect floors, pickling tanks, sumps etc.
  • Sulphur mortar is used with acid resistant brick and tile to protect storage tanks, floors, drains, sumps, pits, pickling tanks in steel & electro plating industries, tube mills etc.
  • Unlike other cements, it is applied in molten condition it does not require curing time. Hence they are more suited for maintenance jobs.
  • They are extensively used in electrical insulators for fixing metallic parts on ceramics. They are also used in acid resistant masonry.
    It confirms the properties of IS: 4832, Part-III.

User Industries


Storage tanks Sumps Drains Industrial floors
Sewage pipelines joints Fixing metallic parts on ceramics in high tension electrical insulators Electroplating Stainless Steel Pickling tanks