Silicate Mortar


Product Description

MBT SILICATE 900-K : Potassium Silicate resin based mortar

MBT SILICATE 400-S : Sodium Silicate resin based mortar

Potassium Silicate Mortar

Sodium Silicate Mortar

  • Silicate Mortar is Silicate type, two- part chemical setting mortar.
  • It is recommended against permanently acidic condition, and can withstand much higher temperature compared to other resin type & sulphur type mortar.
  • Silicate mortar is principally used with acid resisting bricks and tiles for acid resisting masonry construction, because of its very low cost.
  • It is highly recommended to protect chimneys, incinerators and other high temperature equipment. Excellent resistant to 98% Sulfuric acid, conc. nitric acid.
  • Highly recommended for use in sulfuric acid manufacturing plant protective lining.
  • It confirms to IS:4832, Part-I properties.
  • Basically two types – based on Potassium Silicate or Sodium silicate.

User Industries

Dyes Steel plants Automobiles Engineering
Fertilizer Thermal power plant Petrochemical Sulphuric acid plant
Dyestuff Rayon Steel finishing Metal finishing
DM water plants Food Beverages Dairies