Polymer Modified Mortar

Product Description

MBT STAR : High polymer modified, cementitious mortar


  • MBT Star is Grey, polymer modified, cement-based tile adhesive, suitable for Fixing tiles & natural stones in interior situations upto 6mm bed thickness (can be extended up to 12 mm in area of limited extent).
  • The set adhesive is water-resistant and is suitable for use in showers and wet areas.
  • For exterior applications and more difficult and demanding situations eg: vitrified tiles, glass mosaics, external cladding, swimming pools, etc.
  • MBT STAR is used for wall and floor tiles, mosaics, vitrified and fully vitrified tiles, terrazzo and natural stone.
  • Note: Not recommended for direct use onto gypsum plaster (wall finishes), paint or metal.



  • High bond strength
  • Easy mixing, smooth application & better workability
  • Water resistant
  • Complies with the requirement of IS 15477: 2004 Type 2