Phenolic Mortar

Product Description

MBT PHENOLIC 400 : Phenol resin based mortar

MBT PHENOLIC (F) : Furane modified Phenolic mortar

Phenolic Mortar

  • Phenolic resin based mortar is a two component modified Phenolic resin cement used for setting acid resistant brick / tile.
  • The advantage of this product is that it is relatively inexpensive and can withstand both acidic and alkaline environments.
  • Phenolic resin cement are the best acid resisting cement among resin cements including for high temperature service conditions.
  • It is widely used in chemical, fertilizer and dye stuff industry.
  • It confirms the properties to IS:4832, Part-II.

User Industries


Dyestuff Rayon Metal Finishing Fertilizers
Petrochemicals Steel dyes and pigments Sulphuric acid plant Phosphoric acid plant