Furane Mortar

Product Description

MBT FURANE 400 : Furane resin based mortar

MBT FURANE 600-C : Carbon filled furane resin based mortar

MBT FURALAC HF : Carbon Filled Furane resin mortar for HF acid

Furane Mortar

  • Furan Mortar is a two-part chemical setting Furan base mortar used for bonding acid resistant bricks and tiles. It is impermeable in texture and resistant to a very wide range of chemicals, including strong acids alkalis, oils, solvents and unaffected by temperature up to 170 Deg.C.
  • These cements are the most used in acid resistant masonry in reactor / equipment lining, and for other applications.
  • Owing to safer use and better shelf compared to phenolic resin cements, it is increasingly being used and specified for AR lining applications.
  • Carbon Filled Furan mortar is a 100 % carbon filled mortar is available where resistant to Hydrofluoric acid, fluoride salts and strong hot alkalis are required.
  • Furane mortar confirms the properties to IS:4832, Part-II.

User Industries


Steel Rayon Dyestuff Metal Finishing
Thermal Power plants Fertilizers Petrochemicals Strong Alkalies
Food processing Beverages Breweries Dairies
Hydrofluoric acid & solvents