Epoxy Mortar

Product Description

MBT EPOXY MORTAR : Epoxy resin based Mortar

MBT MRPN-54 : Epoxy Novolac resin based mortar

MBT COALTAR EPOXY : Coal Tar epoxy resin based mortar

MBT EPOXY PS : Epoxy resin based Putty / Sealant

EPOXY Mortar

  • Epoxy Mortar is a three parts chemical setting epoxy resin base mortar.
  • It exhibits excellent adhesion to acid resistant bricks/tile, concrete, MS surface. Epoxy Mortar is resistant to very wide range of chemicals.
  • Due to very low absorption and very high chemical & physical properties, it can be used for acid resisting brick/tile lining, on floors, drains, reaction & storage vessels, sumps, effluent treatment plants of food/pharmaceuticals, Breweries, Dairies, Water treatment plants etc.
  • This is a polymer-based bonding paste used in agglomerate installation in the construction industry. The paste is a mixture of materials such as epoxy resins, solvent, binder, mineral fillers and some additives in certain measurements depending on the desired properties after curing.
  • It is used as an adhesive and paste for structural repair.
  • It can also be used to fill gaps, cracks and vents in driveways, patios and plazas. In setting tasks, it is used for tile installation where sealers are not required.
  • Epoxy Mortar confirms the properties of IS:4832, Part-II.

User Industries


Dyestuff Rayon Steel Metal finishing
DM water plants Paper & pulp Chlorine & chlorine dioxide HF & fluorine handling
Nitric acid plants Metal pickling units Electroplating plants Solvent extraction plants